Getting Old

My husband and I are getting old. We’re in our late 20’s already. When did that happen? He realized that he was getting old once he stepped into the Foot Action at the mall. I realized that I was getting old once I made a Captain Planet reference that nobody got. I realized that I was getting old once I found myself making the decision to flip the channel to NPR during the song breaks on the local “hip-hop” radio station, and flipping back just to listen to the morning show.

Who does that?
Who listens to morning shows?
Who would rather hear NPR than the latest Ke$ha?  (Who, by the way, declared that the industry needed people like Ke$ha…what the crap was that all about?  I get that the concert industry is dying…but why Ke$ha?)
That’s right.
Old people. And me.

For a while, I thought that everything I was hearing was poop – a la Stan Marsh. Then I realized that it can’t all actually be poop. Right? Someone out there thinks that this (tv, radio, shoes, etc.) is hot. So why don’t I get it?

“Uh oh! That’s fly!” my brother said. “That’s boss!” I thought, for a second, that he was mocking my outfit by using old slang. Then I realized he was serious, and that I was old enough to remember when slang came in…and went out…and then came back in again.
You know who else remembers these things?
Old people.

That’s cool though.
That’s cool.


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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