Half Birthday

Dear Petals,

I’ve been doing this parenting thing now for six months.  I’m beginning to feel like a pro.  Well, I begin feeling like a pro, and then you go on and change it up on me.  ANYWAY.  I think the time is right for a half-birthday letter!

Happy Half-Birthday Petals!

You’ve come so far in the past six months (and so have Mama and  The Boy).   You’ve gone from barely being able to see the hands in front of your face to being able to target, and shimmy across the floor to, tiny pieces of lint half a living room away.  Granted, you haven’t yet figured out that in order to put that lint in your mouth you have to remove your pacifier, but I anticipate this discovery any day now.

You were holding up your head from the moment you were born, but now you can turn that head when your name is called.  You can hold that head up high and tilt it to the side to maximize the effectiveness of your cute.  You can even put a big grin on that face, scrunching your nose and showing off the gummy buds that will soon be teeth.  And, oh the places you’re going!  We thought we were excited when you first rolled over on purpose.  We were in for another surprise when you began shifting, crawling, straining, and struggling to intentionally interact with the world around you.

Today, I sorted through the tons of clothes you’ve already outgrown.  They filled up a storage bin.   It’s time to begin hanging bigger clothes in that closet, clothes that I was sure your tiny butt would never fit into.

I began putting away the other things you’ve outgrown.  Your swing.  Your mobile.  Your infant chair.  The changing table and bassinet additions to your Pack n’ Play.  You no longer need an infant seat to sit in the stroller (although, we did use it today so that you could take a nap).   You’re far away from the little 2.5 oz bottles you used to take, and you can down a 5oz bottle in about as many minutes.

My baby is all grown up!

Sort of!

We’ve had an amazing six months, and I can’t wait to see what the next half of your first year brings.  We’ve already got the  Turky bib, the First Christmas bib, and the First Christmas dress.  I’d say we’re pretty set.


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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  1. Awww…Happy Half B-Day Baby Petals:)

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