Teeth and Vacation!

Vacationing with a Six Month Old

“Teeth and Vacation!”  It sounds like a curse, but it’s not.  It’s just what’s happenin’ this week.

On November 21st, after screaming at impossibly high pitches all the live-long day, Petals cut her very first tooth.  This was in the midst of our first family vacation.  We went to the beach and had a most excellent time visiting friends, eating brunch (And on a Monday too, how luxe!), and generally hanging out.  Of course, as illustrated by my bi-monthly webcomic – Hot Interracial Marriage -that’s running today at Firetower Studios, vacationing with a six month old means that the things a full-grown human would find most interesting hold no appeal.

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She was amazingly uninterested in boats.

She cared very little for the fun and informative walking tour that we did of downtown Wilmington.   (Did you know that Robert E. Lee’s mother was buried alive?  A year before she gave birth to him?!  Petals didn’t care about the possible historical ramifications of the sexton not returning to the mausoleum when he did.  “What would the world have been like if Robert E. Lee had never been born?!” I asked her.  She squealed and banged on her tray.  I think that was baby for, “I don’t really care for historical suppositions and hypotheticals, Mom.”)

She had even less interest in sand and cold salt water and couldn’t seem to understand why anyone would spend good time and energy walking along a beach. I tried sticking her feet in the waves and she screamed.  I tried settling her down in some sand and she kicked until we picked her up again.  It may or may not have helped that she was sorely in need of a nap at the time that we tried all this.

She did have fun with one thing though.  Dining out meant that there were many more tables to clear off, a lot more food to try, plenty of napkins to render unrecognizable, and so much stuff to chew on that she didn’t know where to begin first.  And though she didn’t find the same things enjoyable that we did, I trust that one day we’ll be able to share these big things – boats, beaches, boardwalks – with her.  For right now, we’ll enjoy watching her discover the taste of lemons, the ability to pull up on a chair, and what exactly happens when you try to bat a friendly cat on the butt.   Ergo: Family Vacation = Success!


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