Cruising…for a Bruising…

Since she got her teeth, Petals has been working on other developments.  Like pulling up on everything she can get her hands on.  Shower curtains, coffee tables, lamp posts, table chairs, baby chairs, crib sides, bed sides…the only problem with her pulling up is that she often can’t get back down!  Occasionally, she begins to whimper in frustration when she’s knocked down the awesome toy she’s discovered (an iPhone, shades, a box of some sort, or keys are usually her favorites) and she can’t get back down from her standing position to retrieve them.  She’s working on that pincer grasp and can pretty reliably pick up small things and aim them towards her mouth.  (Right now she’s playing with an electrical cord.  I’m watching her do it, and I’m questioning whether or not I should let her.)

Once in the vertical position, Petals has figured out how to shift around to what she wants.  She’s not very quick with it yet, but she’s working on it.  I think it took her all of two days to go from pushing herself over and propping herself to sitting position slowly to doing it on the regular.  I think it took about a week for her to go from clinging on to the side of the bed, feet dangling, to pulling up and trying to crawl over in earnest.  (I guess it’s a good thing we lowered her bed when we did!)

Speaking of crawling over things – she’s doing that too.  She keeps crawling over the edges of beds and couches – and I kept retrieving her at the last second, saving her from impact with the floor.    Last night, while on a trip to visit her Gran Nana and Tata, she made it over.  Interestingly enough, she wasn’t crawling, but just sitting.  She leaned forward a bit too far and fell off her Uncle Tim’s bed.  She landed on her face and I was sure, just sure, that she’d snapped her neck.  I picked her up and she held her face in such a horrible position and wouldn’t scream at all for about three seconds.  Then she took a sharp breath in and began hollering.  Of course, I was crying as well.  I was convinced that this time, this time really meant I was a bad mother.  Rolling off the couch – that’s nothing compared to falling face first off the bed.

I think she forgave me though.  She nursed for about ten minutes and then seemed to be as good as new.  Later, I heard that while hanging out with her dad, she tried to crawl over the edge of the couch.  He caught her by her pants.  This too made her cry.

This morning she was sitting on the bed and I on the floor.  I reached for her.  She approached hesitantly and wouldn’t continue crawling until she made sure I had a good hold of her.

I’m not sure if this is a good sign or a bad one.

Oh.  She also had ice cream last night – thanks to The Gran Nana – which she later spit up through her nose and screamed about until her grandfather came to get her.  Feeding the baby has gone…interestingly.


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