The 10 Month Old


The day after we buried my grandfather I took a good look at my daughter. She was still tired from having partied with her grandparents the day before and was wearily looking up at me from the shopping cart. Her face clearly said “I’m ready for a nap now,” (which she promptly took when we got in the car). When did I get such a little lady? She has always had expressive eyes, when did their expressions become so complex? It seemed like only a few days ago that I was anxiously awaiting her smiles.

Now she can even blink on command!


When you ask her to!

She motions to her bed when she’s ready for sleep; brings over books that she wants you to read and clearly has favorites.

The day after we buried my grandfather, I found myself wondering where all the time had gone while I was busy-and thinking about where I’ll be when she becomes me.


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  1. You’ll be with me and her and as much family as we have left. We’ll always be together.

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