Toddling Time


About a week ago I officially became the mother of a toddler. Petals has switched over from preferring to crawl around the floor to teetering back and forth looking all the world like an unsteady T-Rex. She pulls her already short arms in, begins wiggling her graspers and heads toward her object, reeling to and fro like a punch drunk goose. It’s adorable, really, but difficult to put into words.

Now that she is walking, she has taken to carting objects around with her. Like many kids, she’s much happier with plastic bottles and paper cups than expensive computer-based toys…unless those toys belong to “Mamama” or “Bababa/Dadada”. I’ve been warned that toddlers are formidable opponents. Certainly her height makes hiding things more difficult, but it’s really her memory that’s becoming a problem. Gone are the days of “out of sight, out of mind.”. She knows what she wants and can usually suss it out.

Whoo-hoo! Let the toddling begin!


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New mom, new natural, and..for the last year...still a new teacher!

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