9 month portraits

And OH YEAH, I forgot to update the blog with info about the 9 Month Portraits.  I think that Petals is particularly adorable in these!

allie mullin photography – 9 month portraits

alicia and jeremy invited to their home for another session with zuri, who recently turned nine months old. she’s growing up so fast! we had a conversation (i did most of the talking), and bonded over a mutual love of string cheese.

i received this beautiful email from alicia after our session: one day, when I’m gone, these pictures will be hers.  Or her daughter’s.  And when they remember me, this is the face I want them to remember.

that is my goal for all my clients: to capture their special moments so that they and their families can treasure them for many years to come

Allie really did an amazing job of capturing some loving moments in our family.  None of them were staged (as you can tell if you check out the picture with a snotty-nosed baby) and all of them captured some very real looking people at their very best.


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  1. Life is an Exquisite Journey

    Hi Alicia!

    Looking forward to following Zuri’ s journey! The pics are wonderful!


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