“I Said ‘No!'”


Apparently, the major difference between having an eleven month old and an almost fourteen month old is a “big kid” classroom and a lot of boundary pushing.

Right now, there’s been a lot of “I said ‘no’,” and “Petals, put that back,” and “PETALS!! You pick that up and put that back!”  (That was her Dad…)

She’s “talking” and climbing (on EVERYTHING) and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants immediately. It’s been nerve-wracking, and I feel quite helpless. Aside from spanking (which I’m not inclined to do) how do you ensure a one year old will behave? Raising my voice is meaningless, and she cares nothing for timeouts, yet.  So, as soon as my back is turned, she’ll go on spitting on floors and eating things out of the trash can and attempting to dive off of the bed… At least until I can figure out proper punishments for a toddler.

Until then, it’ll be a lot of “No ma’am” and “C’mere Petals…I SAID COME HERE!”


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