Toddling, Full Swing


My baby is truly a toddler and now spends her time exploring rooms vertically. Today alone she’s scaled couches, beds, tables, chairs, and pool walls -only to turn right back around and work on wriggling her way back down. At one point, I counted about ten trips up and down my legs as I attempted to (Finally!) watch the season finale of Mad Men.

(Oh, Don and your Old Fashioned drinks…)

However, I was quite proud of the toddle-bug today. She resisted wriggling for an entire two minutes at dinner-and even then she did her best to keep it to a minimum. We made it through dinner at a fancy restaurant with one squeal and only two “dropped” ziti. I felt triumph as the people around us (and we) finished their (and our) dinners with minimal toddler interference!

I also felt a bit uncomfortable as a very loud and very privileged woman continued to touch and tickle my baby without permission from her or me.  But that’s a story for another time.


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