The Attention Seeker


At fifteen months, dear Petals has come into a new phase-that of the attention seeker. While she’s always wanted to know that Muh-ma and Dah-da were close by, she’s never been particularly interested in whether or not we had a crossword puzzle in our hands at the time. Just yesterday, while using the phone to quickly check my email while (I thought) she wasn’t paying attention, she snatched the phone out of my hand, replacing it with her face.

Petals is also trying harder to communicate, and as a result has learned more signs…and has more meltdowns when she’s misunderstood. She also HATES having things taken from her and is way more likely to hand over the thing you want if you (surprise!) just ask. Case in point: glasses of water. If you try to take the glass of water your fifteen month old just swiped from the nightstand away from her, she’ll jerk it back, spilling water all over the bed and nearly drowning herself in the process. If you take five seconds to ask nicely, she’ll hand it over and run off to go bathroom drawer diving…or DVD shelf diving…or kitchen trash diving. Sigh.

Finally, Petals has developed the cutest habit of introducing us to “new” people. Twice today, while holding her and speaking with other adults, Petals has interrupted the conversation by waving the other person down and, pointing to Jeremy and I, telling this person that I am known as Mama and he can be called Dada. Granted, she’s not yet willing to say “hello” to every new person we meet, and will still turn to focus on a nearby wall if someone that she is uninterested in deigns to throw their voice her way. We’ll have to work on that.


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