Chef Petals

Trying to cook with a hungry Petals in the kitchen is like being on “Kitchen Nightmares” – except the chef isn’t barking encouragement and helpful advice, but is shrieking at the top of her lungs and hanging onto your legs.  And I’ve seen Chef Ramsay poking his head into pantries and cupboards – but never have I seen him actually hide in the cupboards, waiting to pop out after you’ve gone “Where’s Chef Ramsay?  There he is!” at least half a dozen times.

I must say, though the feeling of relief that floods my body when the mac and cheese ( has been plated and the entree is finally pushed out to the hungry customer (id est the fussy toddler in the high chair) must surely be the same.


Posted on August 26, 2012, in Parenting. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. LOL! This is so funny! I am a raving fan of Chef Ramsay and Kitchen Nightmares. I could feel your anxiety and feel your mad dash to appease your most demanding customer!

    • I wish it were Ramsay! Perhaps I could improve my cooking instead of just throwing something out there for the ravenous toddler. How did you do it with MORE than one?! :). I’m in awe.

      • Thank you, beautiful! Having to cook for the children is what made me figure a few things out in the kitchen. I’ve grown a lot in the cooking area and the children seem to love your cooking no matter what skill set you bring to the table. (Just keep them away from the people who REALLY know their way around the kitchen – they’ll never know what they are missing! LOL

        Hugs! Give Petals a hug and a kiss for me!

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