Your and You’re

I’m beginning to believe that fighting the erroneous “your” is futile.

It started, like most bad things do, with Paris Hilton.  Actually, that’s not fair.  Surely, people had been doing it for years – Paris Hilton just popularized it with a t-shirt declaring “thats hot” on one side and “your not” on the other side.  “Ha!”  I thought, upon seeing the shirt.  “Grammar fail!  Let’s all point-and-laugh now!  Guys?  Guys?”  I thought that surely all would see the misspelling for what it was, a silly grammatical error.  That was ten years ago.  Today, I am an English teacher who wades through piles of my pupils’ puerile papers wielding a weary red vis-à-vis pen, blithely circling “your”s and adding apostrophes and “e’s”.

But it’s not just my students.  I see it in text messages and on Twitter – from people who really should know better.  I get letters from my daughter’s daycare with the common typo.  One card said “Mommy, your the best!” and someone had affixed my three month old’s “signature” to the offending statement.

At first I found it funny.  Then I became enraged by it.  Now, I’m just shell-shocked and numb to its effects.  Perhaps fighting the rising tide of “your” has become a hopeless battle.


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  1. your probably right. 😉

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