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Dear Noisy Neighbor on His Backporch:

If you wake up my baby with your ratchet Lil’ Jon impersonation, I WILL END YOU!  What year is it anyway?!  Who’s still screaming “YEAH!” and “OH-KAY!” at the top of their lungs?!

Apparently you.


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I missed the Praxis…

But it’s all good.
Last weekend was not the best, and, to make matters worse (I think) I was perfectly numb about the mishaps. I overslept for the first Praxis…What’s that? The sound of $75 being stuffed into a garbage can? Oh, now it’s being incinerated — the trash can too? Meh. I’m cool. I missed the fact that I was supposed to be at work half an hour ago? Meh. I’m still cool. Some elderly gentlemen fell in the orrery at the p’tarium and you came to me because I’m the tech and you think that he might be seriously injured but you can’t find the accident report forms and neither can I because I don’t have access to the new online file swapping system that MPSC has decided to use? I’m cool as the other side of the pillow, I am.

The rest of the week went much like this. Small things that usually would have made me really worried have not managed to bother me much. Oddly enough, I think it is because I was so stressed out just a few weeks ago. I feel like Cartman did the time he saw something so funny that he didn’t find anything else funny anymore. Perhaps I’ve been through so much stress and emotional turmoil that I just don’t feel one way or the other about anything at the moment.
I mean, really, things are only look up from here.
I’ve turned in licensure and graduation forms, taken one of the Praxis tests, secured a job, and am sure that The Boy has a job for next year as well. Today was the last day of class, we’ll be apartment hunting in Asheville this weekend with The Boy’s Mom (The Joyce) and I am officially OUT of here as a student!

So I should be happier right? Or nervous…or at least something!
Wait…is this the feeling called “Zen”?

I’m still alive

I haven’t written in a while.
So I thought I would right to say:

1) I’m still alive, yay! I didn’t think I would make it trhough all the graduation hub-bub, but it’s official: I’m ehjucayted. Sweet! I also put another hole in my head, that’s cool. I was told that if I’d like to be an ass about it, I should say “Oh, that, it’s a helix piercing”. 🙂

2) The Boy and I have found a place. Now we’re just waiting to hear back about whether or not we’ve met the credit standards. Yess… Until then, me and JQ are going to have a ball living together.

3) My aunt had a stroke. I was just in the hospital visiting her. It’s really difficult to see the people who took care of you needing to be taken care of. At any rate, she seemed to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. At one point, when we were helping her get into bed she said “Alicia, don’t be lookin’ at my tooty-fruity,” and the nurse said “But she’s your niece! She will have to take care of you,” and my aunt replied with a smile “Yes, but young girls get jealous when they see my nice behind.”

And that’s about it.
Update completed.