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Baby’s First Christmas

We are super excited about Baby’s First Christmas here.

She’s seven-months-old.  It’s the perfect first Christmas age, in my humble opinion.   Why?  There are more than a few reasons.

  1. She loves boxes right now.  Putting things in boxes, taking things out of boxes, turning boxes over to see what happens, and tearing boxes to shreds are some of her current favorite things.  I think that she will absolutely love getting a few boxes and ripping the wrapping paper and bows off of them.  Her eyes will gleam with delight when she discovers the tissue paper inside.  These boxes will provide hours, if not days, of baby entertainment.
  2. She doesn’t want presents.
    1. There is absolutely nothing that she wants, which means this Christmas is gonna be cheap for us!  We’re going to wait to see what other people get for her (so far she’s gotten an awesome coat and bath toy from some of our favorite people) and then fill in some stuff that she needs.  I’ve already got a pack of diapers I’m planning on wrapping up for her, and I’ve been eyeing some more cardboard books – as she only has about four and we’ve “read” those so much that I know them by heart.
    2. Also, the fact that she is oblivious to the materialism that has become attached to Christmastime also means that if, in the event that someone gets her something that we don’t want her to have, we can hide it without repercussions!  Sweet!
  3. She smiles at just about everything– which means that every single Christmas picture she takes is completely adorbs.  In fact, every single picture she takes is completely adorbs – at least to me.

    Naked Baby in a Santa Hat

  4. She still enjoys trying new foods and she’s relatively easy to pack up and cart around – these are both pluses, as we plan to head to church and then dinner with my mother’s family.  Portability is key around this time of year, especially because we’re used to travelling around to make the Christmas visits.
  5. We have a great excuse to get a tree.  Now, I don’t really love love love Christmas.  Not only am I annoyed with people who claim that there is a War on Religion and that one cannot wish another “Happy Holidays” without Jesus taking umbrage, but I’m also annoyed with the same people who indulge in materialistic excess and capitalist greed in the name of Jesus, who, in my mind, was a Super Hippie who wanted to share love, fish, and bread with people.  However, the one thing I really get excited about is decorating the tree.  This was the first year in our, what, six year relationship? that The Boy and I have had a good reason to buy, decorate, and maintain a (fake) Christmas tree.

These are all great reasons.  Maybe it’s the cute baby, and maybe it’s the eggnog, and maybe I’m just getting a Christmas high off the glitter that has overtaken our table, but I’m super looking forward to Christmas this year!

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Un conte de Noël

The Husband and I went to the movies last night. I thought I would surprise him by taking him out to see one of the sure-to-be Oscared films of the year. So, we saw A Christmas Tale and what a mind-freak that was!

If you don't want to know what happens, because for some odd reason you're planning on seeing this movie, you shouldn't continue.

Hooray for Jesusmas!

I know that usually about this time of year, I become a Grinch, declaring that surely the spirit of Christmas must be evil – but, I haven’t had to go a mall or do any Christmas shopping lately, so I haven’t had to deal with that aspect of things. Perhaps it is only the Mall Spirit of Christmas that is truly evil. I got lots of presents and treats from students (and from friends) and of course, a couple of insanely sweet co-workers, even though I thought I made myself perfectly clear when I openly declared my disdain for “Secret Santa” games. No, don’t buy me a present and I won’t get you a present, and maybe we’ll exchange cards and holiday greetings — or even bring brownies to a party for all to share. So yes, so far this year has been a good one for Christmas. Maybe I’ll even change my mind about the holiday…maybe.

I suppose though, that what I was most excited about (which might have had a damper put on it thus far) was working on my beer belly…and trying to stay up later than my 9:30 bedtime. Yes. I’m prematurely aging. At least as far as the sleeping late thing is concerned. Although I have to remember that just because I’m up for some fun doesn’t mean that everyone else in the world has the day off (week off…couple of weeks off) from work like I do.

I’ve already gotten The Boy his present…now here’s crossing my fingers and hoping that someone wants to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour by contributing to the “Get Lici A New Computer” fund.

Protected: Hooray for Jesusmas!

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