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My new hair cut

So, after weeks of ripping my nappy hair out with a wide toothed comb, and after witnessing taymo‘s new hair color, I decided it was time for my tresses to get some attention. I spent four hours getting my hair permed, shampooed, conditioned, cut, and curled (with a flat iron, interestingly enough) and came out of the beauty shop feeling, well, beautiful. I had about an inch and a half taken off the back and quite a bit taken off the front to fringe my face with some bangs I haven’t seen since…maybe 8th grade… I like it.

What I’ve discovered is that while I’m glad to be free of the responsibilty of having summer camps at 9am every morning and then having to run the theater, once a person gets in the mode of having something to do all the time, he or she begins to feel quite useless when there is nothing left to do. I’m going through this stage. Honestly, I feel like a retiree. I know that I should enjoy the break while it lasts, because pretty soon I’m going to be gearing up to work hard again, however I can’t be excited about this break. I feel like I must have something to do. So I’ve been passing the time with cleaning up after summer camps here and there, revising curriculum (because of course I can’t get away from work) cleaning my room, doing crossword puzzles, knitting, and finally, last night, I became bored enough to cook.

I’m very proud of myself actually, there was not a box involved in my meal-which is saying quite alot since generally I prefer to work from some sort of package meal. I mean, I absolutely love making some sort of tuna helper or hamburger helper one-skillet type of meal. Taking a break from the ordinary, I did away with the box, and picked up the recipe card. Last night, over an evening of Law and Order, SVU (greatest show EVER!) I baked salmon, which was nice and fresh from the food store, and I made saffron rice and green beans to go along with it all. So, there was a can involved – the can of green beans. And there was a package involved, the saffron rice came with its own seasonings. I suppose this means that I didn’t really make it all from scratch. Still, I think I’m on my way to becoming a better chef. This can only mean good things as, for some unknown reason, I’ve been feeling incredibly hungry lately. Maybe it has something to do with this lingering bronchitis…or maybe not.