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“Come here, sweetheart…”

That’s what I’m hearing from the living room as I type this.  Now that Petals is mobile, she’s beginning to get into a lot more trouble.  

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To take precautions against such trouble we’ve lowered her crib, placed high interest toys around various spots in the living room, and moved the furniture closer together so that she can work on cruising without busting up that head too much.  We’re often crawling after her, cajoling her with a “come here, sweetheart…” before we give up and retrieve her from whatever she’s going to go do.  So far, this week, she’s been saved from shelves, remotes, Xboxes, beads, and hitting her head several times on various tables.  She’s pulled at the cat’s furry tail, and she’s taken a nose dive off of the bed.  She hasn’t yet thought about exploring the Christmas tree we just erected.  I’m thinking that this is coming.

As a note: Grandparents’ houses are not baby-proofed.

The occasion for the visit, though, was not a happy one.  The Boy’s grandfather, affectionately known as “Tata”, passed away last week.  (Jeremy wrote a stellar piece about him, which, fortunately, Tata was able to hear before he died.)  I cannot say enough about how much we love him and will miss him.   I can only hope that Jeremy and I can pass the lessons learned from him onto our little one.

And speaking of the little one…

The memorial service itself didn’t mean too much for Petals.  It did mean that she spent the entire past weekend meeting and re-meeting family members.  Unfortunately, it would appear that my girl has developed stranger anxiety, as she also spent the past couple of days clinging to her parents and grandparents for dear life and not getting (or allowing her parents to get) a good night’s sleep.  Her schedule was off. Her bed was off.  She has to be one of the only kids I know that would prefer sleeping in her own crib in her own room than staying with her parents.  Fortunately for us, her grandparents couldn’t let her fuss for very long before whisking her off for a soothing cuddle.

As a note: Grandparents are WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL inventions.

She’s crawling, cruising, and trying to eat everything Mommy and Daddy are.  These milestones are coming WAY too quickly!

Month 2 – Eight Weeks

I’m writing this at 3:47am.
Zuzu is squirming in my lap as I write it – grabbing and scratching at the arm that is restraining her body.
The time is important to note.
This is the time when I officially gave up trying to get to sleep this evening.

Zuzu has been waking up every single hour, on the hour, requesting food – and after trying to feed her and put her back to sleep (either in the bassinet, in bed with me, or in her wrap carrier) I finally gave up.  I’ve been up with her.  Her father has been up with her – despite having to wake up early for work in the morning.  (He took the day off today – well, I guess, technically yesterday – because Zuzui had been up from 1am until 4am.  Considering the bullcrap that’s been going on with my family, and my lack of sleep, I think he thought I needed the help.   I did.)  I am very frustrated by this turn of events – she’s gone from sleeping at four and five hour stretches to thirty minute catnaps – and I would be quite upset, except for the fact that she’s learned a new trick that makes it all worthwhile.

Petals has gotten the hang of smiling.  Occasionally, they still look a little insane…but… nonetheless, she’s figured out how to bust out a beautiful and heartwarming grin at just the moment when you’re feeling the most frustrated.  Ack – she’s thrown up on my favorite shirt!  Not to worry, there she is, warm brown eyes and big toothless grim.  Oh no!  Did you poop on your onesie?!  There she is, ready with a twisted, lopsided smile.  She’s even figured out how to squeal or squeak in order to draw attention, often yelling at us when we’re paying too much attention to the television or computer or, our most recent purchase, smart phones.  She’s also figured out how to do this when we’re trying to sleep.  Scree!  Screech!  Look at me!  Grin!

Her grandparents go absolutely silly when they see this.

Zuzu and GranNanaAt a whopping 13.2lbs – at least she was on the third, I’m not so sure about today after her buffet of breastmilk – she appears to me to be a huge baby, though many assure me that she’s got a lot more growing to do.  And she’s made lots of strides.  She can lift her head up when placed on her stomach, and she can even push her chest off the ground.  She can scoot with more emphasis, and along with grinning and smiling, she can also gurgle, coo, and babble along with the best of the beginners.  She’s also, adorably, getting the hang of giggling, though this still sounds like a cross between getting ready to cry and choking on saliva.  A cute cross of getting ready to cry and choking on saliva, but it’s going to take a little work before she’s full giggle.

We’ve been doing a lot of visiting and showing off these new skills.
On the 15th, she visited my dad’s family for a father’s day cookout.
On the 23rd, she visited my step-dad’s family for the annual June get together.
On the 3rd, she visited with Carol and Monte’s family for the fourth of July cookout.

This week, we’re taking it slow.  Or at least we would be.