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A Mexican fellow on CNN, in support of the Immigration protests, has declared that though he voted for Bush back in the day, he now realizes that it was a terrible mistake.  A few generals, retired all, have decided to come forward and say, “Yeah, this war was a bad idea, and that Rumsfeld guy should be canned.” (Not a direct quote, mind you.)
Should they, any of them, have been shocked?
I say no.  I’ve been saying Bush was up to no good since before I could vote, and I’m not sure how I feel about all the republicans jumping on the bandwagon — though I’m glad they’ve come to their senses, I wonder if it’s too little too late. He’s already done his damage.

Finally, none of the DNA tests in the Duke case matched the DNA found on the girl who said she was raped.  Shock, gasp…not one hair from any of the lacrosse players?  Who could it have been?  Could she have just been crying rape?  Although, I’ve heard several people who cynically said something like this would probably happen, I’m not sure I distrust the evidence.  I’m also not sure that the team should be cleared from something going down in that house.  Women don’t just make stuff like that up.  Especially women who are exotic dancers — they run too much of a risk of being laughed out of the courtroom.  She runs the risk of hearing: “Look at what she was wearing and doing, she was probably asking for it…”  Something went down, and I hope that they get to the bottom of it.

On a good note:
Got into Grad school.  Another year as a Tar Heel (or tarheel, which is it?)!