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Protected: It’s officially Spring Break…

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It took me forever to remember it.
I’ve been trying to rack my brains for the title of this book for sometime now.
Ekaterina Sedia: The Secret History of Moscow.  I’m writing it here so I won’t forget it again.
But I really liked that book.

I’ve ambitiously decided to conquer The Modern Library’s (or, I guess Randomhouse’s) list of the 100 Best Novels.  If Jeremy can do it with the AFI and make it through all of those films, surely I can at least make it through the 100 greatest novels.  And then I can be one of those well-read hipsters who talks about likign so-and-so’s earlier works best…  Besides, as an English teacher, shouldn’t I be well-read?  Surely my knowledge of worth-while literature shouldn’t end within the confines of the book room – nor should it be restricted to required reading from undergraduate and graduate coursework.

Of course, I’ve already read plenty of the books on the list because those are, in fact, required reading for literature classes.  And I really like plenty of novels that aren’t on that list…and probably never will be on that list…and I like to think that they have enriched my life as much as the ones on the 100 Best Novels list.  But the thing is, I get overwhelmed when it comes to chosing a book to read.  Especially when it comes to chosing a book to read that hasn’t been recommended to me by someone else.  Unless, of course, it’s like, $1 at some huge book sale.   And I usually don’t really read those.  I put them on the shelves… Anyway, the thing I find most overwhelming about books and bookstores is that there are SO MANY BOOKS that have been published.  With movies, at least, I can read the covers…see if it looks interesting from the pictures…have heard trailers for them…and usually they come out in batches at the theaters, so, you know, my options for new movies are more limited.  But man, SO MANY BOOKS are on the "New" table at Barnes & Noble that I don’t know where to begin.

So, I’ve decided to begin here.
After I finish re-reading (or I should say, actually reading and not skimming) Jane Eyre, Hanging on to Max (loaned to me by a student), and Mr. Timothy.

I’ll let you know how it goes.