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Shopping – Wife Style

The Boy is ill.

Poor thing.

He got a flu shot with the hopes of avoiding getting the flu.  Seeing as how we have a lil’ baby, this was a responsible move.  However, the flu shot gave him the flu.  Well, at least, it gave him “flu-like symptoms”.  Watery eyes, aching muscles, general sluggishness, lack of appetite.

He sounded so horrible when I called to check on him that I wasn’t sure I had the right number.  He felt so gross that he left work early on Thursday, and, by the time I arrived, the house was still dark and he still abed.  Not one sign of him working on the sly.  (He is known to do this – work while he’s supposed to be resting.)  So when he asked me to pick some food up for him, Thursday evening, I stopped by Wendy’s to grab a small chilli, a small fry, and a small frosty.  Something warm, something cold, something bland – perfect sickie food.

Today, before picking up the baby, I stopped off by the grocery store to pick up some sick-person supplies.  OTC meds, orange juice, canned soups (chicken noodle and tomato), and wine.  The last one was for me.  I also grabbed some bananas, an avocado, and salad greens.  I came home, tied a baby to my hips, and set to work making grilled egg-in-the-hole sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner.  The Boy informed me that he hadn’t been able to eat all day.

“I tried to get some food,” he rasped.  “But I just couldn’t eat it.”

I looked in the fridge to find a disposable Taco Bell container staring me in the face.  The Baja Blast Mountain Dew was sweating all over the coffee table in front of my sick husband.



“Note: when I go sick people shopping, I pick up Vitamin C and soup.  When you go sick people shopping, you pick up an XXL Grilled Stuft – not “stuffed”, by the way, “stuft” – Burrito and a Mountain Dew.  I pick up chilli, and you pick up…food not intended for sick people.  See the difference?”

“It was a chalupa…” he said, indignantly.  “Cha-lu-pa.”

Thanksgiving With the Fam-in-Law Was…

In a word…great!
And in other words….yummy, tasty, fun, warm…puppyful…

This Thanksgiving bit o’ thanks goes out to [info]jrome58. Thanks for making me part of your family. Other than a little Uncle-y weirdness, I’m completely freaked out by how much I like hanging out with your relatives. Can I get one in-law stereotype…please?

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Date Night w/ The Boy

Yesterday was “the anniversary”. Apparently, it’s “the paper anniversary”. I dunno who comes up with these things, but I’ll play along.

I surprised Jeremy with a 2009 NCAA Basketball Championship Tee (not paper) and a fancy-schmancy frame for his 2006 diploma (paperful). And I made him an awesome breakfast, which included pancakes.

We shopped downtown (Nice Price, Visart). We watched Venture Bros – which Jeremy had surprised me with Sunday as part of our anniversary. Monday he also surprised me with a most beautiful poem (which was on paper) – called “You & I”, the poem recounts several vignettes from our years together, going over the romantic trip to Paris, the sunlit spectacle that was our wedding, and the way we moved all the way to Asheville just to move all the way back – and dinner at Provence, the restaurant he’d taken me to two years earlier for Valentine’s Day…the restaurant I simply loved. (I loved it this time too!) At the restaurant, he surprised me with meringue and ice cream (with chocolate sauce and whipped cream…and raspberry sauce on the side) which the ladies brought out with a single candle burning on the top. That was too cute.

Oh. And I drank alot of wine.
Which gave me a headache. And then I fell asleep, drooling (sexy, right?) at 8:30 PM.

That man must love me.

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