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I’m bored, which means that it’s time for a journal update.

So every year, about August 3rd (mainly, because that’s my birthday) I begin sit down to remember all the stuff that I’ve done over the past year. I find this helpful as I get older, because it seems that since I’ve turned 18, each passing year has flown by. This year is no different. Though it seems to have flown by, I’ve actually done quite a bit. My main accomplishment is finishing school. Although, I should note, that after obtaining this awesome and wonderful degree, I’m beginning to feel a bit lied to.


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Good News

I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday that went well.
Blood pressure was 122/68 when the machine measured it, but by the time I got back to her office and settle din, it had dropped to 106/66. I guess I was stressed out when the nurse took it or something. My weight was 152.9lbs, and while Ciocca seemed very excited about it, because she thought I looked much thinner, she didn’t realize that:

1) It meant I had only dropped 3lbs since she had last seen me, a month and a half ago…
2) It meant that I had gained weight over the past week.
On the plus side, she gave me lots of free antibiotics for my bronchitis.

Now, if I could only find those buggers, I could get started on my ten day regimen.
Just waiting for my tests to come back to find out the final verdict – though all my other tests have cleared me, once again the possiblity of Lupus lurks in the shadows…

On the other hand, I went to my sister’s birthday dinner (two pizzas from Sam’s Club or some other bargain wholesale type store) with Jeremy, and it seems like everyone in my family, with possibly the exception of Avinson (because Jeremy was responsible for taking me away that night), likes him. It could just because he’s a non-denominational democrat, two very good things to be as far as the Burnette’s are concerned.
So in short, it looks like things are going pretty well.

A day of rest

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. – Genesis 2:1-3

I’m certainly no deity, however, I feel as though I’ve been moving the heavens and earth the past few days trying to work, and celebrate birthdays, and cope with being sick. I’m doing much better, really I am, but I was ecstatic to come into work today, set up for the show, and then find _elysa_ behind me saying, “Um, you’re not supposed to be at work today!”. If the big guy (or gal..I dunno, “Dogma” presents a convincing argument that He just might be a She) can take a day off work, then I can too. Oh, how wonderful it was eating a leisurely breakfast from the Waffle Shoppe and napping on my couch… I feel rested, full, happy, and loved. Who can ask for anything more?

On friday I got lots of good presents, and not just wrapped ones either, though I got some good ones of those. Elysa gave me body souffle, and sistajanis got me some of the best, a little stuffed monkey, a knitting book, and a mixed cd with some songs that I’ve really wanted for a long time… I got loads, and loads of “Hey, you’re 21 now!” type presents…oh! And the boxed set of the first season of “In Living Color”. Oh, that takes me back. Jeremy says that now me and my mom can pretend to be Fly Girls, just like Jennifer Lopez, over and over again…I can’t wait! I’ll put on some polka dots, maybe some neon colored gloves, and some suspenders, and then I’ll be ready… But I also got other good presents, like the presence (ha ha…) of friends who came over just to say “Happy Birthday!” and also some of the things they brought with them. Saturday, the day after the bash, I got to work all day, and Elysa and Josh were really nice and took over a couple of shows for me, just because I didn’t think I could take it anymore, and then Saturday evening was filled with Count of Monte Cristo and dinner with a side of drama at Pepper’s Pizza. The pizza was good! We had a The Sarah.
On another note, I still sound really bad. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m okay, because I’m coughing and wheezing, and apparently keeping people awake all night/morning with it. But, there are signs that I am, in fact, getting better. Really, there are! So I’m going to wait until Tuesday before calling my doctor about whether or not I should be concerned about the possiblity of having bronchitis, and if that’s even what I have. (I’m pretty sure it is…) Taking immunosuppresants doesn’t mean that I expect to feel 100% even most of the time, and I’ve been very blessed that I’ve felt as good as I have for so long! I mean, I’ve got a measly little cough to deal with, and a little shortness of breath. However, my voice has returned, I feel like I can move around for more than 10 seconds at a time, and I’m not coughing up icky olive green phlegm all the time. These are all good things. Oh, and I finally saw Zee on the cover of the telephone book…that makes me feel special too, starwidget1.