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Nine Months…amongst other things

Good news everyone! My locs have been holding it down for their ninth month – no, no, no, applaud all you want! – and with this month comes new surprises and challenges! Recently, I visited my loctitian (actually, it was more like, last night) and got my hair styled after three months of trying to take care of it myself. And I learned a few truths while sitting in the cushy, pumpy chair – well, actually it was partially the pumpy chair, and partially the chair you hang out in while you’re getting your hair dried, but I digress.  Allow me to enlighten you.

1) There is nothing like having someone else "do" your hair. Seriously.

Cream Cheese and Locs

So, I’ve found out a few things on my little loc journey – I’m actually kind of excited about my loc half-birthday, or my sixth-month "locaversary" – and in my infinite wisdom, I have decided to document my various hair-piphanies (okay, that’s pushing it…maybe I should have gone with "loc-piphany") and here they are:

1) One does not have to wait 4-6 weeks before getting little locs wet. I couldn’t do that