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Protected: My Students

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One of the best days in a long time.
Jeremy and I hung out around the house, played video games, and just talked to one another.
Then, for dinner, he surprised me with dinner at this place called Provence on Weaver St. which is, apparently, one of the best restaurants in Carrboro (it’s also one of the most expensive!). It was the second or third part of my Valentine’s Day gift because we weren’t able to spend any time together for the actual day (Though I did get plenty of good music on Valentine’s Day and a wonderfully clean house and bottle of white wine when I got home from school that day.) We got all dressed up — and didn’t I look cute in my stilettos–and headed down to this tiny restaurant. Honestly, I think it could only seat about sixty people AT MOST. The dinner was AWESOME! Though I had a really hard time ordering a dish for myself that cost more than what I usually spend on lunch for an entire week. I found myself looking for the cheapest entree on the menu, which was about $22. Yes, I know. I’m spoiled. Rotten. But don’t I deserve it, I mean just a little bit, for the experience I’ve had this past week?

So yes, there was wine, and salad, and escargots, and a great salmon dinner along with candles and a nice, cozy, romantic atmosphere. After that we headed to Open Eye for after dinner coffee and I actually managed to stay up ’til about 10:30pm and watch the first like, 10 minutes of Flushed Away. I woke up at about 2:30 am on the couch and found that Jeremy had given up on me staying awake for any period of time and set to finishing up his Wii game.

*Sigh* Now it’s time to get back to “work”. Work for which I would like to remind the world I am quickly losing my mind and not getting paid to boot.


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Student Teaching

I have officially finished my first week of student teaching, and if I’ve learned nothing else from the Teaching Fellows Program, I’ve learned that one must be reflective about one’s teaching experiences. Therefore, I’m taking the time, from work, to be more…well, reflective.
I’ve also learned that student teaching can be a bitch