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Vexed…”Helloooo! The President is Black now!… We make decisions…”

I know that I’ve talked about this before – especially in my rant about "G-Force" and those "Transformers". At least everyone looks stupid in this movie, not just the Black character. Still, to quote Huey Freeman ("The Trial of R. Kelly") "I admit that I’m often…vexed by the behavior of my own people. Yeah, vexed is a good word." 'Vexed' is a very good word indeed.

Mad with Power

"And just like that, I can make ‘Bravo’ disappear…"
"I dunno…I’ve gone mad with power!" he giggles gleefully, remote control in hand.  He’s playing with his new TV and is enjoying the fact that he can delete QVC and other home shopping networks.  And, he’s also enjoying, it appears (actually, it sounds like…I’m in the other room, so nothing is really appearing to me) watching a life-sized Uncle Ruckus talk about the White Jesus.

Christmas Mission Accomplished