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1.  I dyed my locs!  I’ve never had my hair dyed before – and I decided, after months of thinking about it – to get some sort of streaking done.  I settled on bright red.  And, I was super excited because the place that I went to not only dyed, styled, and super moisturized locs (and other forms of natural hair) BUT they also offered spa services…like prenatal massage.  So.  I spoiled myself.  Pics and such behind the cut…

Updatey type stuff

So I’ve been up on campus all day.
ugh. Work-class-class-work-work…I’m sure everyone knows the drill.

And I was sitting in English class
Half listening to a discussion about “Advancing Luna and Ida B. Wells”
And I was playing with words.
I was very confused.
con fused…fused with con, what is con?
Then I decided that con means with, like in Spanish, and that fused also means “put all together by fire or somesortofsomething”.
To get her
Being confused is just a tactic employed by The Man (again, we were reading Alice Walker) to get “her”. Or me! Those mysogynistic men.

And um, yeah.
That was my day today.
According to The Boy’s Mom, I should go to Arruba…and get a Cabana boy…and bring him back. Doesn’t sound like a bad plan, although I really don’t need anything else in my life to take my mind off school. Contemplating (With templates?) how words sound during English class, and how their sound can change the meaning, is enough to keep my mind unfocused.

Five days!