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It’s time for the requisite birthday reflection, the time when I go through all the stuff that’s happened in the past year and realize that, in general, life has been pretty good for me.  This has been the first year that things have been relatively stable.  For the past six years, at least, there’s been something new – drastically new – in my life.  And because I happen to be a summer baby, whose life revolves around a school calendar, my age usually begins with whatever big change is about to happen.

At 20, I got my first apartment.  21, I began dating The Boy.  22, we moved in together.  Right before I was 23, he proposed.  I graduated from grad school and got a new job four hours away from my home.  To celebrate, I shaved off all my hair.  At 24, I’d just gotten married and had moved back to my home town and was starting a new job.  At 25 we were celebrating our first year together – I got dreads (which I recently put into a hairstyle…my very first time putting them into a style other than pigtails or half ponies…that I did all by meself!)

And now…I’m 26.
And other than trying out new hairstyles, which I think I like btw – you can judge for yoursel’…

The past year has been refreshingly stable.
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