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Oh yeah, two.
I forgot to add this to the first one.
I’ve decided that i’m sick of feminists who say things like “womyn” and insist that saying “you guys” is inherently sexist. We’ve already established that the English language sucks, and SO WHAT, inclusive forms happen to look like forms that refer to only men. Saying “you girls” can only refer to a group of girls. Saying “you guys,” can refer to a group of men or a group of men and women…I mean, it could be worse – in Spanish, the word for “handcuffs” is “esposas” which also means “wives.” However, what really pisses me off is women who say that they hate hearing people saying “you guys” saying things like “What a pussy!” to describe a wimp or “That was ballsy,” to describe someone who does something brave. THAT IS INHERENTLY SEXIST! Saying that pussy’s are…well pussies… and having testicles means that a person is brave or strong is just…well, I can do something about that more so that stopping the world from attaching “men” to the wo…

So I’ve decided.
I’m going to start saying: “That took cunt!” or “He needs to grow a pair of ovaries…” for things that take an especial amount of strength or courage. I ran the idea past The Boy. He thought it was funny. So did the roommate, although I think she’s going to stick with “She’s got a large set of metaphorical female balls,” because the length of the expression really takes away some of the GREATNESS of balls.

Forget arguments over who can say “nigger” and if black people should call one another “niggers,” and lets start discussing who can use a specific set of genitalia to either complement or insult another person.

And with that, I must end rant and go to work.