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Leasing and Consulting

What do I do as a leasing consultant, you might be asking.
I know that everyone does. It’s such a glamorous job, you see, and it’s such an exclusive position. I know that many people must be dying to know. Inquiring minds and all that.

Well, for the first time in ___ years, a leasing consultant has agreed to tell the world what it’s like to do her job. And she’s doing it today. That’s right, yours truly is going to let you in on this fabulous new job of hers.

Okay. Let’s be honest. It could be more fabulous.

I did sign my first lease. Woot.
I do have three-five other people who are "going to send in the application, really" pretty soon. Half-woot.
And I do feel like I contributed something to the office environment, thereby expanding my mind and giving myself purpose in the world.

Who do you think levied for the candy in the office?
Who was it who said "we should get water for the fridges in the apartments we show"
Who was it who said "Yes! Target is the place to go to set up a mini-model. It will be perfect!" and "Can’t we ‘stage’ these apartments? I heard about that on some home selling, house-flipping show." (If you must know, all of my miraculous sales expertise in this field comes from watching some home-selling, house-flipping show.)

And, I would like to proudly point out that THE FIRST PERSON who visited my new mini-model did the following things:

  1. She took a roll of smarties from the candy bowl. Score one for me.
  2. She accepted the mini water from the fridge, gladly.
  3. She didn’t turn in an application yet (she’s going to send it via email) but she did drop off a check to cover the holding deposit.

Now, I’ve had plenty of people who come in and say that they really like the place, but, without candy, refreshing water, or other pliable incentives, they promise to drop off an application…and never do.  I have never had any body drop off money, and not follow it up.  Checks is surrious bidness.

Did I mention that she was the first visitor to the mini-model?  She walked in.  Dropped off a check. 
Consult … lease…swish!

I don’t know how I feel about the reality that humans can be so easily swayed by a few bright colors and sugar. 

Sitting in an Office

Protected: The Rape of the Ear…not a Holyfield/Tyson story…

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Research papers…done.
Last day of teaching…done.
Getting acclimated at the office…sort of done. Mostly done.
I may have made a small gaff in emailing people today and allowing their email addresses to be posted…maybe.

But seriously, I’m glad the kids are out of my hair. They were absolutely horrible today. Actually, only two of my classes were absolutely horrible today. So bad, in fact, that I threatened my second period (aka fourth period, due to the wacky schedule), with seeing them again in the fall and taking my revenge then.
“We love you Ms. Whitley!”
“Give us a hug Ms. Whitley!”
“Get away from me you creeps! I’m glad to have done with you!” I responded.
“Awe!” They said, “Look how cute she is when she’s upset!”

How do I actually make them believe I dislike teaching them?
I suppose I’d have to start by disliking teaching them. They can totally see through the crap.

Is that “I Believe I Can Fly” on the office radio?

Journaling…for kids

My students are not great writers, at least not yet – and the writing test is coming up in a few weeks.  Wait, did I say a few weeks.  I meant a week.  Yes, one week.  Okay, one and a half.  At any rate, the exact length of time is not important.  What is important is that they are not great writers and, of course, the best way to make them better writers is to make them write.  Everyday.  Which they’ve been doing – but when they write in their journals there are usually only two people who are going to read it – the author and the teacher.

I have them write online, but they don’t really seem to "own" that space. They respond to my questions, they respond to others’ responses, but they don’t really raise any questions, or start any discussions, of their own.  That’s what I’d actually like to see, them bringing up some of their own ideas for discussion amongst themselves.  So, how now I’m confronted with the question of how to get them writing, on a daily basis, and get them to improve their writing.  Actually, I just want them to see the valor of writing about things outside of class.

What I need is a livejournal-esque things that would be accessible from the school.  I mean, I think it’d be great to take them to the computers on a weekly basis to update their journals, while giving them something they can use as a tool outside of class as well, but, so far I haven’t had any luck finding anything like this.